Eighth-Grade Yosemite Trip 2017

Yosemite Update from Kim Thompson

I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone that helped make our Yosemite trip such a huge success…

Thank you to Randi Ross who worked with all of you to get your paperwork in. It was a huge task and was done with precision.

Thank you to parents for allowing your children to attend this trip. Students had to brave the cold weather, but when you talk to them about the trip you will see that for many it was a life changing experience.

Thank you to all who donated funds to support the trip (If you forgot to donate, it isn’t too late to do so).

Thank you to both the teachers and parent chaperones. They worked tirelessly to support your children to have the best trip possible.

Thank you to our school district for believing in the trip and allowing us to go.

Thank you to the staff and substitute teachers who stayed at Graham, I hear the school ran smoothly.

Some highlights of the trip:

Students coming up to me and thanking me for putting them in groups with students they didn’t know and saying “it was hard but it forced me to meet new people and now I have some new friends”.

Several groups spotted bears, one group was able to watch a bear climb up a tree. Many groups saw families of deer, some saw bucks, and raccoons and coyotes were guests in our campgrounds.

Students were able to work together to solve some really difficult challenges, and they came up with some really creative solutions.

Students encouraged each other to complete tasks and cheered each other when they finished.

Students tested the water and learned all about the water cycle.

Students saw evaporation in action a part of the water cycle that is really difficult to see.

All students successfully completed a variety of challenge hikes, some up to Vernal Falls, some to Yosemite Falls, others walking to El Captain and back.

Students learned how glaciers formed Yosemite Valley.

There was an impromptu jam session held by Mr. Cassell, Ms. Chaio, Mr. Mulkey, Mr. Burtin, with students joining in.

Students spent an evening learning all about bears from a bear expert.

Students learned about constellations.

7th grade families, start planning now. We hope to go in fall again, it will be cold, but it is so much fun. If you have questions it is never too early to ask.

Yosemite Trip 2017 Snapshots

Trip Donation Information

The suggested donation is $675. The school will welcome any donation you can make towards the trip. You can bring a check, made out to Mountain View Whisman School District or cash to the office. Donations can be accepted post trip.
FYI, the per-student cost covers:
  • NatureBridge program cost: 5 days/4 nights of program tuition, room and board, and all activities and instruction.
  • Transportation: round trip on charter bus.
  • Administration and supervision: planning and administration of the program, teacher stipends, and cost of substitute teachers.
  • Various other expenses: supplies, duplication of materials, etc.

Here is the Packing List and Student Contract (in Spanish).

Trip Information
Date of Trip: November 27-December 1
Arrive at school on November 27 at 7:50
Return to school on December 1 around 6:00 pm

Directions for students:
1.Report to Multi-Purpose Room and check in.
2. At check-in students will be given their trail group number, school group number (A,B,C,D,E), cabin number, bus number and which teacher is supervising their group.
3. Once students check-in, if they have medication they will take their medications (that are in a ziplock bag) to the table of the school group (A,B,C,D,E) and hand in your medications. All medications must have a doctors note form filled out.
4. Next students will report to your trail group teacher and wait to board the bus.

If you have any questions, please email Kim Thompson.

Mountain View Whisman School District

Graham Middle School
1175 Castro Street
Mountain View, CA 94040
(650) 526-3570