Supply Lists

  1. During the first weeks of school, our school sites will prepare and distribute a district-standard general school supply kit to every student. The kit will include the following items (see below).
  2. Other supplies that will be distributed to students are:
      * Chromebooks (if needed)
      * Instructional materials, such as Eureka Math workbooks (varies by grade level)
      * Other materials to be determined, such as art supplies 
  3. School sites will distribute these supply kits to parents. It is likely that not all supply shipments will come in at the same time. Therefore, parents may be asked to pick up supplies at several distribution dates, in order to ensure students have items soon after delivery. Thanks in advance for your patience with multiple dates. 
  4. School sites will communicate distribution plans, dates and health and safety expectations during pick up.
  5. If parents have purchased items from an earlier published supply list, we appreciate and accept donations of these materials. School sites will determine collection dates and locations.

    Middle School Supply Kit (provided by the school)

    Graph and lined binder paper
    Spiral Notebook    
    Pencils 6-12   
    Pens 2 black, 2 blue   
    White board sleeves
    Dry Erase (Whiteboard) Markers  2-4,  
    Colored Pencils (One small to medium box)  
    Erasers 2   
    Highlighters (At least three different colors; one of each)    
    Personal use headphones/earbuds 1  
    Ruler (metric and standard markings)
Notice: All California students are entitled to a free education, including associated materials, supplies, and equipment. The following list is offered as a suggestion only for those parents who wish to purchase materials, supplies and equipment in support of their child, his or her classroom(s), or the school. Any purchase you make will reduce the financial impact upon our school, but we want to emphasize that your purchase of such items is completely voluntary. Your child will have access to appropriate materials, supplies, and equipment regardless of whether you purchase and/or supply such items.
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